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A Manifesto: Ten Commandments for Authors

Originally published on The Bookseller’s The FutureBook on September 16, 2015.

1. You shall hold the shifts in technology and in readership to be not obstacles, but allies

2. You shall make yourself accessible and authentic to your readers, and you shall thank your era for this privilege

3. You shall not invoke in vain the end of reading and writing, for history does not hold guiltless those who see death where there is change

4. You shall not vilify or condemn those authors past or future whose chosen publishing paths differ from your own

5. You shall not single out any country as your market, for the world shall speak your language

6. You shall not point a mocking finger at the old institutions of publishing, for they also love the written word

7. You shall not confine yourself to genre and convention, but shall allow your writing to define itself

8. You shall hone your expertise not in writing alone, but also in formatting, marketing, promotion, and distribution

9. You shall know many trades but you shall call yourself an author first

10. You shall hold no tool, no technology, no progress more sacred than the craft of your writing and the progress of your story


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