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You’ve matched with Jamie!

Hi Taylor
Sweaters and grammar are important to me as well.
How’s your fall?

So begins the story of Taylor and Jamie, told entirely, one day at a time, through text messages, social media posts, dating profiles, emails, and journal entries. Their genders are left up to the reader.

This is the story of any of us trying to solve the oldest problem of all in a modern world—love.

March 21, 2022

Teymour Shahabi is the author of the award-winning novels The Secret Billionaire and Someone in the Walls. He lives in New York City.

Stranger In Love-EBOOK.jpg

Best Young Adult Book, Reader Views, 2016-2017

Best Young Adult Book, Florida Book Festival, 2016

Best Young Adult Book, Great Midwest Book Festival, 2016

Best Young Adult Book, Northern California Book Festival, 2016

Gold Medal, Juvenile / Young Adult Fiction eBook, Independent Publisher Awards, 2017

Gold Medal, Juvenile / Young Adult Fiction, eLit Awards, 2017

March 24. Billionaire Lyndon Surway takes off in his private plane and never returns.

His will leaves the entirety of his wealth—one of the largest fortunes in history—to his “dear friend Lucian Baker.” Only there is no trace of anyone by that name. And the fortune itself is nowhere to be found.

Andrew Day knows nothing of wealth and privilege, but he won a scholarship to study at the most exclusive school in the country, in the town where the mystery, decades later, remains unsolved. As he and his new friends, the aristocratic Cameron and the beautiful Olivia, begin to unravel what really happened to the Surway fortune, the question remains:

Who is Lucian Baker?

Part I of The Surway Fortune

Gold Medal, Young Adult Mystery, Readers Favorite, 2020

Andrew Day looks like any other student. 

At the Saint Clemens boarding school, nobody knows—not even his two best friends Cameron and Olivia—that Andrew is one of the wealthiest people in the world. No one knows that he has inherited the fortune of Lyndon Surway, the legendary tycoon, who disappeared decades ago and was never found. Nobody suspects that Andrew is the new master of the Surway House, which lay uninhabited through the years.


But as life returns to the stairways and ballrooms of the magnificent home, as Andrew ventures through forgotten passages and unmapped doors, strange things start to happen, almost as if someone were watching him, as if someone had expected him. And as he learns more about the people he loves, as he journeys into dark places where no one goes, Andrew begins to wonder:

Who is hiding inside the house?

Part II of The Surway Fortune

Teymour Shahabi was born in Paris of Persian parents and moved to the United States to study comparative literature and mathematics at Harvard University. The Secret Billionaire, his first published book, won multiple awards for young adult fiction. It is not an autobiography. (He hopes his second book, Someone in the Walls, isn't either.) He lives in New York City.

Please get in touch at:

Hello [at] TeymourShahabi [dot] com

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